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  • Black pepper
    Hot-Seat Unique Programme
  • Sweet pepper
    2-Step Challenge
  • Chilli pepper
    1-Step Challenge
  • Jalapeño
    No Step Challenge
  • Mini pepper
    2-Step Challenge

Black pepper

Final cost €1499

Hot-Seat Unique Programme

Hot-Seat Programme makes available the largest account in the 2-Step Challenge Programme with €300K just for €1499.

  • Capital is scaled up by 50%
  • Profit distribution for the trader 90%
  • Payouts possible every 7 days
  • Maximum level of scaling up to 2 million
  • Only one account per Hot-Seat trader is possible

Sweet pepper

Cost from €99

2-Step Challenge

Prove your consistency in trading and get fully simulated account to trade by passing two levels.

  • Trading account size max. €150K
  • Profit sharing starts at 80%
  • Profitable days min. 3
  • Profit goals 5% for Step 2
  • Drawdown, max. 5,5% daily;, 11% total

Chilli pepper

Cost from €119

1-Step Challenge

The challenge involves completing one stage to obtain a signal provider account.

  • Trading account size max. €100K
  • Profit sharing starts at 80%
  • Profitable days min. 3
  • Profit goals 12% for Step 1
  • Drawdown, max. 5,5% daily, 11% total


Cost from €70

No Step Challenge

You can scale your account without time pressure. No challenges with a simple profit target and a growth programme.

  • Trading account size max. €15K
  • Profit sharing starts at 60%
  • Profitable days min. 0
  • Profit goals 10%
  • Drawdown, max. 2,5% daily, 5% total

Mini pepper

Final cost €45

2-Step Challenge

Mini Pepper is a trading programme providing growth from the smallest account. Its price and size allows you to start your trading adventure at the most affordable price on the market.

  • Cost of the programme €45
  • Trading account size €6K
  • Profit goals 5% for Step 2
  • Profitable days min. 3
  • Only one Mini pepper account per trader is possible
  • Drawdown, max. 5,5% daily;, 11% total
  • Capital is scaled up to €500K
  • Profit sharing starts at 80%

How to Become a trader

Four Simple Steps Will Make You a SpiceProp Trader

  • Select the challenge

    Take up the challenge! Choose the challenge that best suits your preferences. By the way, you will set up an account in our trader panel, where you can keep all your trading accounts under control.

  • Get MT5 login

    Once you have bought the challenge, we will send you a login and password for the MT5 platform. You can download the platform from your trader panel.

  • Take the challenge

    Once you have passed the challenge, you will receive logins for your new trading account! In 2-Step Challenges you will receive a refund for the challenge.

  • Make a profit!

    In a trading account you are entitled to take your share of the profits. Furthermore, you can grow your account to over 1 million USD, earn, withdraw profits, and scale your trading accounts.

Why Do Traders Choose Us?

With us you will get everything for success

  • Three Types of Programmes

    to implement any earning strategies

  • One of the cheapest 2-Step Programmes

    among similar in the prop industry

  • Multi-account

    all assets in one account – Forex, Indices, Metals, Stocks, Commodities, ETF's

  • Community of Traders

    everyone is the member of our team

  • Customer Support 24/7

    we will help you to solve any problem

  • SpiceProp Academy

    we will teach you to earn more

  • High-quality market analytics

    for making the right investment decisions

  • Reliable partners

    secure payment systems, trusted brokers and liquidity providers

Trade better with MetaTrader

MetaTrader 5.0 main features

  • Real-time currency quotes
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Automated trading options
  • Stability and accessibility
  • Expert advisors
  • Security
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