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Claudiu-Gabriel Brindea: How did SpiceTrader turn €149 into €4000?

Meet Claudiu-Gabriel Brindea (Romania)! A true prop trading enthusiast who knows how to skillfully achieve his trading goals. In June 2024, Mr. Brindea received another payout from SpiceProp, and now he manages a simulated trading account for 25,000 euros. In his interview, he talks about his approach to trading, important psychological points and intentions that help him achieve success.



Why do you like to trade with SpiceProp?


It is a new company on the market and has affordable prices. What caught my attention was the initial profit target of 7.5%. Additionally, they are extremely professional, responding quickly to emails or messages on Telegram, which is highly appreciated. When I made the withdrawal request on the live account, it took only a few hours to receive the money, which is again appreciated.


What is the most important thing that will help you to pass the SpiceProp challenge?


Not one, but a few extremely important things:

  • Risk Management: Proper risk management ensures you don't blow your account on a few bad trades. This includes setting appropriate stop-loss levels, not risking more than a small percentage of your account on a single trade (I use 0.5 -1%), and using risk-reward ratios that make sense for your strategy.
  • Discipline and Emotional Control: Sticking to your trading plan and not letting emotions drive your decisions is vital. This includes avoiding revenge trading, overtrading, and sticking to your predetermined risk levels and strategy rules.
  • Patience: Not rushing trades and waiting for high-probability setups can significantly improve your success rate. Being patient and waiting for the right opportunities rather than forcing trades is a hallmark of successful trading.



What was the key moment in your career as a trader?


The key moment in my career as a trader was when I realized the critical importance of risk management and psychological discipline.   
Alongside the importance of risk management, I learned that emotional control is crucial. The markets can be highly volatile, and it's easy to get swayed by greed during a winning streak or fear during a losing streak. I realized that sticking to my trading plan and maintaining emotional discipline—staying calm, patient, and not deviating from my strategy—was essential. This shift in mindset helped me avoid impulsive decisions and maintain consistency in my trading.


How long have you been trading?


For almost 3 years.


What is your trading plan? 


  1. Short-term Goals: Achieve a 2-3% ROI per month from all accounts.
  2. Long-term Goals: To increase at least 50% of my personal account annually and to increase my founded accounts to the maximum size.
  3. Focus on major forex pairs, trade indices such as S&P 500 and Nasdaq. 
  4. Occasionally trade commodities like gold.
  5. My strategies include technical analysis for swing trading and SMC for intraday and scalping.


What quality of your character helps you succeed in the SpiceProp challenge (in three words)?


Perseverance, Discipline, Focus.


What separates the average traders from the best ones?


  • Mindset and Psychology: Successful traders possess a disciplined and resilient mindset. 
  • Risk Management: Top traders prioritize risk management and capital preservation. 

The best traders are lifelong learners who are committed to continuous improvement. They analyze their trading performance, identify areas for growth, and seek feedback from mentors or peers.


Can you tell us about the best piece of advice that has brought you good results in the SpiceProp challenge?


Position Sizing, Stop-Loss Orders, Adaptability, Emotional Discipline – these are the things everyone should be paying attention to and of course keep your trading journal and learn from losses.


Could you share with our SpiceProp Trader community book, online resources, people that are significant in your trading development?


The internet is a good tool if you have patience to test whether the information is good or not. I followed all the courses of the company that is the first in financial education and investments in my country: Profit Point. Besides, you need people, a team would be good, look for a community where everyone trades, comes up with analyzes and ideas. ne of my mentors, Cristi Pasatu, manages a trading portfolio exceeding 5 million euros. I also recommend participating in events with the biggest and best traders in the world if you have the chance!


Should we learn from ourselves or from others?


Learning from both ourselves and others is essential for growth and development. By combining self-reflection with the wisdom and experiences of others, we can gain a deeper understanding, improve our skills, and make more informed decisions.




SpiceProp Quote


“When traders like Mr. Brindea join our community, we are once again convinced that our business really brings benefits to people. And this is not only the benefit of training, upgrading skills, it is also a real profit. Mr. Brindea's initial investment amounted to 149 euros, and his payout as a result of a successfully completed challenge  has reached 4,000 euros. This example can serve as inspiration for many other people!" – SpiceProp co-CEO and Founder Natalia Bojko comments.


Phase 1 statistic data. Sweet Pepper 25 000€. Trader: Claudiu-Gabriel Brindea (Romania).



Phase 2 statistic data. Sweet Pepper 25 000€. Trader: Claudiu-Gabriel Brindea (Romania).