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Wojciech Stępkowski becoming a SpiceTrader with a 25,000 euro account

We are pleased to present another inspiring interview on our blog. Our interviewee is Wojciech Stępkowski from Poland, a talented trader who successfully passed the 2-stage Sweet pepper challenge, becoming a SpiceTrader with a 25,000 euro account.



Wojciech, thanks to his determination, skills and the right strategy, proved that the dream of professional trading is within reach. In the interview, he will share with us his experiences, the tactics that brought him success, and advice for those who are just beginning their adventure in the financial market. We invite you to read more!


Why do you like to trade with SpiceProp?

Spice is brand new prop firm in the industry, but it is created by a team that knows what they are doing. A few times, as one of the first clients, I was requested about site usability. Gave them my suggestions and modifications are implemented quick. Spice team stands facing the client. 


What is the most important thing help you to pass SpiceProp challenge?

Definitely it is technical support. During doing my evaluation stage, I got one time completely crazy spread, got stop loss injustice. Customer support immediately clarified an issue. My evaluation account was returned to state before the spread. My problem was caused not by Spice Prop, but by their liquidity provider. 


What was the key moment in your career as a trader?

It was a magic day, when I understood risk management indeed. No matter what amazing is the strategy, what big or small is your deposit, most important in this game is outstanding skill of risk management. Exemplary money management can do a miracles, bad management will kill account sooner or later. Second moment was when I noticed too long learning at demo account. My advice to beginner traders is not to trade too long on a demo account. One or two months is good, but no longer. It is most better to buy the cheapest challenge in any prop firm and try to do a challenge and got an account.The cheapest evaluation account will teach you how to manage your emotions. You won't get this experience by demo trading.


How long have you been trading?

Since about 3 years.


What is your trading plan? 

My trading plan is permanent payouts and scalling my 25k funded account to maximum size.


What quality of your character helps you succeed in SpiceProp challenge (in three words)?

Persistence, the desire to discover, to figuring the market out and got wild pleasure in it. 


What separates the average traders from the best?

Definitely risk management and emotions management. Trading leverage markets is most manipulated industry in the world. Without those skills you'll die. 


Can you tell us about the best piece of advice that has brought you good results in SpiceProp challenge?

Journal, journal, journal. Analyzing all transactions at the end of the week and learning from mistakes.


Could you share with our SpiceProp Pepper community book, online resources, people that are significant in your trading development?

The best online source is YouTube. But there is too much knowledge and garbage. I spent many time to filter it, and try what context is working and what is not. For me the most significant in my trading development are two persons. My Brother, we learn trading together from the beginning. Second person is my mentor - Natalia Bojko, who teached me everything about trend structure and market liquidity. Thanks to her knowledge, I was able to understand more complex concepts such as ICT.


Should we learn from ourselves or from others?

From ourselves we should learn about our emotions, from others we have to learn techniques. 


Our sincere thanks to Wojciech Stępkowski for granting the interview and sharing his valuable experience. His story is an inspiring example of how determination and a well thought-out strategy can lead to success in trading. We hope that his advice and insights will be helpful to all aspiring traders.


Below are Wojciech's trading statistics that show his achievements and investment style. Feel free to analyze and be inspired!


Step 1 statistic data. Sweet Pepper 25 000€. Trader: Wojciech Stępkowski (Poland)


Step 2 statistic data. Sweet Pepper 25 000€. Trader: Wojciech Stępkowski (Poland)