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SpiceProp’s most important facts. June 2024

Every month, we update you on important facts at SpiceProp that might have escaped your notice. This is not a ranking: each fact has a special meaning for us.


Transition to MetaTrader 5


An extremely important event for all our traders. We have made every effort to ensure that access to this more advanced platform is seamless and, where possible, does not affect the processes associated with our clients' trading activities.

The transition was carried out in two stages. At the beginning of June, we added MT5 to the existing MT4 and announced the completion of the transition to MT5 at the end of June. 

On June 29-30, new MT5 accounts were created instead of MT4 accounts. We talked about this in detail here.

Starting July 1, 2024, all SpiceProp traders are able to use the Metatrader 5 trading platform only.


New SpiceTraders


Every month we highlight new SpiceTraders. In June, our attention was drawn to the successes of Wojciech Stepkowski from Poland and Claidiu-Gabriel Brindea from Romania.

They kindly agreed to talk about their successes in an interview (you can read them here and here).


New 100 prop traders with us


SpiceProp founder and co-CEO Natalia Bojko gave a webinar to the audience in mid-June. 

Participants in the webinar learned how, with the help of micro-investments on the SpiceProp platform, they will have the opportunity to trade larger capital (up to 2 million euros).

Natalia Bojko’s webinar became the first and main step in the career of novice prop traders.


Increase in the number of first sales


June promotions saw impressive growth in first-time sales. 

We are talking about the “Eight Days That Shook the June” and International Yoga Day promotions. 

The share of first sales in the total volume of each promotion was 36% and 60%, respectively. 

In 2024, these are the best indicators so far. However, let's see what results we see in the second half of the year.