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SpiceProp’s important events. May 2024

Every month, we update you on important events at SpiceProp that might have escaped your notice. This is not a ranking: each of them has a special meaning for us.


Launch of the official Telegram channel SpiceProp

In May 2024, SpiceProp launched its official channel in the Telegram messenger. One million subscribers is our goal, which we will achieve together with you. Our channel contains the most relevant, interesting and useful information. Join our community and be the first to know about all events!


Gabriel B.'s largest payout in May

One of our clients in Romania, in just over 8 weeks, has passed one of the most difficult challenges - a two-stage Sweet pepper 25K. We greetings Mr. Gabriel B. for successfully proving his excellent trading skills. We are also pleased that his  payout was the largest in May 2024. Good job, Mr. Gabriel B.!


More than 50 certificates were handed over in May

Every month we meet new people who want to pass training on trading in the financial market. They are members of our trader’s community and perform with us to have more opportunities for future profit. In May, we handed over 53 certificates of successfully completed SpiceProp’s challenges. The most popular items last month were Sweet pepper and Chilli pepper with an account size of 10K, 25K and 50K. We are proud of useful of our programmes.


The first Brand Ambassador in the Czech Republic - Martin Maršovský

Please meet Martin Maršovský! He is the first brand ambassador in the Czech Republic. Experienced trader with many years of experience trading currency pairs and commodities, especially gold. Specializes in high-yield strategies and has successful experience in trading. Market expert with deep knowledge and ability to achieve consistent results.