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What is a modern prop trading?

We provide a platform and assets to trade, while you implement your trading strategies

The company makes profit only if the trader is profitable.
We minimize risks through time management and risk management.

How does it work?
Let's say you have €200
You trade using your capital
You buy a challenge for €199, get through it successfully and recieve €25,000 balance on your account
With a return of 12%
you get
Trade with the capital of€25,000
With the return of 12% and profit distribution 80/20, you will earn €2,400

With more capital you will achieve more. To increase you trading balance you need to buy another challenge and pass it successfully to prove that you are ready to manage account with a larger balance.

Are you ready for a challenge?

How to start?
Choose a challenge and
complete it
Start earning
Programme Profit sharing starts at Cost of the programme, min Trading account size, max
Black pepper 90% 1 499 300 K
Sweet pepper 80% 99 150 K
Chilli pepper 80% 119 100 K
Jalapeno 60% 70 15 K
Mini Pepper 80% 29 4 K
Compare programs
Calculate your profit
Your balance
Choose a program
Program price
Target return
Profit sharing
Trading account size
Full transaction transparency

Real time
trading data.

Risk management
and time management

We'll keep an eye
on you risk

Reliable partners

Secure payment system, reliable brokers and liquidity providers.

Multi account

All assets in one account: Currencies, Indexes, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs

Client support 24/7

We'll help you to solve any problem

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Czech Republic
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