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100 traders took their first step in prop trading

On June 4, 2024, hosted a webinar by SpiceProp founder and co-CEO Natalia Bojko. The webinar was devoted to the topic of prop trading as a way to multiply capital and develop a career. Its participants were about 100 novice traders.




Participants learned what prop trading is and what business model prop trading companies use. The speaker of the event invited traders to think about career opportunities at SpiceProp and shared recommendations on how best to start their journey in prop trading. In particular, she spoke about simple and effective strategies that will help create a mindset for successful growth.


It is noted that there is no need to have a large initial capital to start a prop trading career. Many SpiceProp challenges cost less than 100 euros. Their low price and availability are among the advantages that many traders around the world have already appreciated.



One of the important topics was the scaling programme in SpiceProp.  Its essence is that a trader who successfully passes the test becomes a Spice Trader and receives special conditions for trading.  If he regularly shows capital gains, then the size of his account will gradually increase.  The maximum SpiceProp account size can be €2 million and can be accessed after successfully completing the Black pepper challenge.


Low financial risk is one of the key advantages of prop trading. The trader's expenses are limited by the cost of the challenge he buys from the company. Subsequently, he does not bear any financial risks, since passing the tests involves using a simulation account in which there is no real money.



SpiceProp traders receive additional protection from excessive risk due to the special conditions under which they work with the company. In particular, these are requirements for drawdown and profit levels, requirements for the number of profitable days, and the absence of the risk of losing your own capital.


Modern traders have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world where there is a stable Internet connection. They are freed from the need to be present in the office at set hours in accordance with the institution's work schedule, such as officials or bank employees.


Prop trading serves as both a career path and a means of personal development, allowing traders to build their professional reputation. An experienced prop trader can act as a guru, mentor, teacher for beginners, helping them along the path to the heights of success.


As Natalia Bojko notes, prop trading allows you to learn how to manage capital and develop discipline skills both from the point of view of trading psychology and from the point of view of planning trading activities.



Special attention was devoted to the principles of assessing traders working with prop companies. Natalia Bojko explained what the procedure for assessing a trader consists of and how a trader who successfully passes the test can enter into a contract with the company.


During the Q&A session, Natalia Bojko answered questions from seminar participants. In particular, such important topics as SpiceProp's transition to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform and the future of MetaTrader 4, trading assets and conditions, time restrictions for completing challenges and the use of trading robots, paying taxes and features of trading on simulated accounts were touched upon.


At the end, all participants of the meeting were given a surprise - a promotional code for a 10% discount for purchasing SpiceProp challenges and participation in Natalia Bojko’s author’s webinar on the concept of smart money.