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SpiceProp Enters the Latin American Prop Trading Market with New Partner ORDFX Consulting

Since May 2024, ORDFX Consulting, based in Mexico, has been SpiceProp's first partner in Latin America. ORDFX Consulting has been providing trading training services since 2014. The partnership between SpiceProp and ORDFX will contribute to the involvement of even more Mexicans in prop trading and the stable development of both companies. ORDFX CEO Diego Ramirez has become the World Brand Ambassador of SpiceProp in Mexico.


“Our collaboration with SpiceProp perfectly emphasizes our shared goals - to help people find their path in trading, discover trading as a professional field, develop trading skills, and get a powerful boost at the start of their professional careers,” says CEO ORDFX Diego Ramirez.


“We know that prop trading is very popular not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America. We are confident that our training challenges will be a success among those who want to start their trading journey or are looking for ways to develop trading skills effectively,” says SpiceProp co-CEO and founder Natalia Bojko.


Diego Ramirez has 10 years of experience in forex trading and has trained investors at a basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. He has given seminars on personal finance, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and commodities. He specializes in financial assets such as EURUSD, WTI, USDMXN, and silver.



ORDFX Consulting began its operations in Mexico in 2014. Since then, thousands of people have completed training courses at ORDFX, learning methods and tools for trading in the financial market and receiving practical advice on increasing personal income through trading and investment. ORDFX personal finance and investing webinars and seminars have helped hundreds of people seeking personal economic development and financial growth.